DarPower's note: I could literally wrap this article up with the words; "Dying Alone", but where would the fun be? Let him explain it:

I'm a socially awkward fag with no friends except my pet rock who ran away. Now I spend my life stalking girls on wiki chats, and get hard if they actually talk to me. I feel a sense of accomplishment when someone tells me something positive, even though they are always lying. I hate myself, and I want to kill myself, but I'm too much of a pussy to do it. That is why I spend 7 hours on facebook everyday complaining about how much life sucks, and I wish I could get laid.


Stalking grils on wiki chats


girls on wiki chats


and being made fun of

and Luna


I hate everything in the world already, so what is there not like?

Men with penises

Black men


White men who use google images to make others believe they are black


and faggots