Globaluna32 is an alien from Alabama who looks white, kinda like Superman.


Raised in a home filled with mullets she began the life of going to schools with a huge population of Black students and occasionally latino. Sitting next to them was bad enough but she was forced to socialize with the negroids. Feeling like she was playing Multi-Man Melee with Donkey Kongs and blacks alike, she resortered to the internet where she could let loose her rage without mudskin complaining.


Since the city is well known for its odd imagery of seeing black kiddos get sprayed for no reason, the city she lives in has much pride in itself. Or, as much pride as a city thats only known for fucking up can have.


She lives there but has the whitest fucking tone on the planet, even Charles Darwin doesnt get it. What happened to that Evolution bullshit? Shes definantly not adapting.

Dicks and PissEdit

Due to the rising demand of PC in our society, Luna decided that the fingers just wasnt cutting it anymore. And in order for her to get over her racism, she forced herself to the Kentucky Fried Chicken, which was like a modern plantation for African Americans. Luna started to become fascinated with the five dollar foot longs she was witnessing while waiting in line.

After socializing a bit with the nigs, she went back home and jumped right onto, where she could buy millions of black colored, oh im sorry, coloured dildos.

As for the Piss thing? Fuck if i know. i think someone just pissed in her drink one day and she thought it was hawt, even though piss is fucking weird. Luna's hobby involves collecting piss from each ethincity and observing the ones that were the best.

All she could say is that for some odd reason, Mexicans piss blue piss. Not sure why, but i'll just end it on that. Currently she fucks poles and ponies, cannot fuck Darpower due to the fact that he is miles away, but somehow managed to fuck Mariomario even though he's a faggot that lives very close to Darpower as well. Fucking terrible!


Her favorite drink.