Dildo Enthusiast
The gay homo
Vital statistics
Title Gaymeron Queerden
Gender Male
Race Black
Faction Retard
Health Excellent
Level 12
Status Alive
Location Jamikal's ass
Cameron Chad Bearden is a Hamsandwich in human form. who was born June 29, 1996. He is an avid fan of Christopher Blake Ramsey. Known for making strange vocalizations and being short. One day Hamsandwich made a Horrible mistake and now he is mistaken for being a homosexual. This is the thing that angers him the most next to the strange maruspial the Cuscus. He also is a follower of the daedric lord mudbooty.


  • Cameron was once molested in his sleep by a Schnauzer.
  • Cameron has disgusting, hairy nipples and feet.
  • Cameron has a furious crush on Caesar Millan, the dog whisperer.
  • Cameron's penis is striped and has a birthmark the shape of a dog nose on the tip.